What you can expect at your New Patient Exam

Our office reserves an hour and a half for our new patient exams. Dr. Willette feels it is very important that all patients meet with her at their first visit to our office. This time is essential so that she may provide a thorough, comprehensive exam and have the opportunity to discuss with you the condition of your mouth and your oral health.

At the beginning of your appointment, before your exam, a member of the team will take a full mouth set of radiographs as well as a set of photographs. The radiograph films are used to diagnose, treatment plan, and educate you on the current status of your oral health. The photographs are an opportunity for you to see your teeth, ask questions, and identify any potential areas of concern. Dr. Willette will go through these images with you in detail and answer any questions you may have. She will also perform a head/neck exam, an oral cancer screening, and a soft and hard tissue exam. Just as no two people are alike, nor are their oral health needs. Dr. Willette’s intention is to help you reach your individual desires and goals for your mouth and to assess your individual situation and oral health status. Together you will make a plan that addresses your oral health needs and desires before scheduling a visit with one of our hygienists.

The new patient appointment is a great opportunity for you to see the office, meet the team, and begin your time with us informed and engaged in your personal oral health.


Our office is not contractually obligated to any specific insurance company, however, we will work with you to help utilize your benefit. Dentistry is constantly changing, therefore materials and techniques are constantly changing. Dr. Willette’s treatment plans are intended to offer you the best plan for your specific treatment needs. Many times insurance sets limits on your options, i.e. it tends to lump individual’s treatment needs into cookie cutter molds and offer limited choices for treatment. Many people do not fit these molds nor does Dr. Willette want to provide treatment based only on what insurance will allow. Dr. Willette feels the relationship regarding your oral health should be between you and your dental professional in order to provide the best care for your specific goals and needs.